Hamilton Lodge School

Safeguarding and Child Protection.

At Hamilton Lodge there is nothing more important than the safety of our learners. We know and understand we are all responsible for the safety of all our learners. To ensure we can do this efficiently and effectively we:

  • Ensure we follow safer recruitment practice at all times and safeguarding is central to our recruitment process
  • Safeguarding is an integral part of our induction training
  • We have in place an annual safeguarding training update for all staff
  • Our safeguarding training, policies, processes and procedures are rooted in best practice and follow legislation and Latest Government direction published in Keeping children safe in education
  • All staff have the information required and know how to refer a concern to a member of the safeguarding team
  • Learners are encouraged to report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, unhappy or scared. 
  • We maintain excellent professional working relationships with LA safeguarding colleagues.

We have a fully trained Safeguarding Team of 6, (all are trained Designated Safeguarding Leads). The team includes our Designated Safeguarding Lead: Simon Rogers and a Deputy, Juliet Grant. The team meet once a week to discuss safeguarding culture across the school, referrals and protection issues as appropriate. They work to standardise and moderate approaches in addition to share new learning. 

The team are fully supported by the Principal: Billy Mc Inally, a trained DSL and the named Safeguarding Governor Sue Hart, who has significant experience of Safeguarding and Child Protection in schools.