Hamilton Lodge School

FE College Provision.

 Key Stage 5 (16 -19)

Our Further Education provision at Hamilton Lodge is aimed at learners who are aged 16-19. We have two key partner colleges external to Hamilton Lodge: The Greater Brighton Metropolitan College in the city centre and Plumpton College.

Courses offered within this age range are progressive from Entry Level to level 3.  The courses are structured to facilitate progressive routes to adulthood for all learners regardless of their ability levels. Entry to the required course is dictated by previous attainment.

For some learners, a supported mainstream college course is not appropriate and so we offer a specialist on site provision, our FE Resource Base. This provides for a bespoke curriculum to support learning, communication, language, and independence. Timetables are highly individualised, and learners aim towards a range of accreditations to support life skills, independence, and an Arts Award. There is a focus on work experience and providing opportunities to develop these skills. We are developing a link course with our partners at the Met College for these learners, to ensure they can experience a mainstream setting, in a manner that offers safe and fully supported access.

All therapies identified within Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) are also facilitated for our FE learners. SALT provides specific support in liaison with the teachers of the deaf where appropriate; this will include ongoing support for communicating with unfamiliar people or situations where communication barriers may be present.

Across our provision, small classes and integrated therapeutic support are key to our success as we work to maximise each learner’s potential, progress, and learning, thus ensuring we achieve the best possible outcomes for all of them.